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Modern windows are not just the correct  heat retention parameters, but also an element of interior design.

The design of an interior requires the correct choice of windows, and thanks to modern technology they are not limited to a high quality of manufacturing, but are also available in a choice of colours and shapes to match every room, making it elegant and stylish.

The colour and shape of the frame influence the perception of the room and its lighting.

An appropriately designed room will have windows that match,  which simultaneously enhance the style chosen and highlight the room’s best features.


Real comfort in a room means good feelings and healthy relaxation. Modern window technology makes it possible to achieve heat insulation and noise blocking, not only thanks to a solid profile, but also due the right kind of window panes. The visual appeal of the pane is enhanced by decoration and a rich variety of design.

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The right design of handles gives an elegant finish to the window, which should be prefect in every detail. The solid construction of our handles means they can be enjoyed for years to come.

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Glazing bars

Glazing bars are decorative window elements that enhance its character and aesthetic appeal. The variety of decoration and wide range of widths make it possible to individually match customer preferences. They are ideally suited to both modern and traditional buildings.

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Modern sills are those that suit a given window and enhance its aesthetic appeal. Additionally, they should work together with other elements of the interior.

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Thermal outer seals

Thermal outer seals allow the exterior of wooden windows to be protected from the effects of the atmosphere. They work like the bark of a tree, creating a protective layer for the window.

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