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Wood-aluminum windows

Wood-Aluminium windows create a warm atmosphere in the interior.

Windows of this type join wood and aluminium in order to maximise the aesthetic and functional properties of each of the materials. Wood is an ancient and environmentally-friendly material which creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The use of wood-aluminium windows allows a warm atmosphere to be created on the inside, while at the same time the aluminium exterior guarantees the best possible protection from weather and a long life of the product.

Wood-aluminium 68 MM

Wood-aluminium 68 MM

Similarly to the 68 mm system, this is the best choice for those who highly value the purity of natural materials. The key difference is the aluminium covering, which gives solid protection, just the like the bark of a tree. The windows are made from carefully selected and laminated pine, mahogany (Meranti), and oak wood. They are manufactured with technological processes which meet very demanding European Union standards, guaranteeing a product of impeccable quality.

Wood-aluminium 78 MM

Wood-aluminium 78 MM

This profile is based on the classic IV Plus System, using triple-laminated wood. In this case, the wood is fitted with an aluminium covering. As with the wooden version, 4-glazing can be installed, ensuring excellent heat and noise insulation.


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